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Specialized scientific patient management and prescription writing software for smart doctors and health researchers.

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Features of SciRx

SciRx is intended for physicians who desire to generate high-quality prescriptions quickly. Additionally, it is simple to do scientific study on all of these prescriptions.

Easy Method

The process of making a prescription in SciRx is simpler than making a prescription on paper.

Multiple Users

At SciRx, your assistant can assist you within your account simultaneously if you choose to.

Visually Pleasing Prescription

Prescriptions made in SciRx are modern and eye-catching with lots of options for customizations.

Medical Research

The state-of-the-art data management of SciRx makes it possible to conduct accurate health research.

About Us

Next generation prescription software, SciRx.

The developers of SciRx are all doctors. Being doctors, we know what a doctor needs. Because we know what we need, how much we need, and why we need them, we have designed SciRx from the ground up.

Although there are a variety of prescription softwares available, we have seen that none of them fully provide what we require and what works best for us. We created SciRx as a response to the problems we encountered when writing prescriptions with other applications.

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SciRx Pricing

The pricing of Syrex is based on usage, and all functions are accessible to all registered users.

Prescription Cost

BDT 1/Prescription

  • Prepaid system.
  • There is no expiration date. Use as long as desired.
  • Access to all features.
  • The confidentiality of doctors and patients would be ensured. No third party has or will ever have access to your personal information.
  • Ready for medical research. SciRx is available for research purposes.
  • Multiple user support. You and your assistant can work on SciRx at the same time.

Great news!

During this month of July, 2024, you can register as an early bird and get 3 months of free usage. No hidden cost, just register and start using today. Start Using Free!

Frequently Asked Questions regarding SciRx

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about SciRx.

The amusing thing is that all SciRx developers are doctors. As physicians, we are aware of the requirements for a doctor. Although there are other types of prescription software, we built SciRx keeping the needs and preferences of the majority of physicians in mind. Simultaneously, we are regularly making SciRx powerful, yet simpler and more aesthetically pleasing based on the feedback of all users. So, we hope that when you use SciRx, you will feel as though SciRx is designed specifically for you. Why then choose any alternative software?
We support equality. As a result, the cost of SciRx will be determined by its usage. If you have just started your GP practice and have fewer patients, your cost will be lower. The bill will increase if the number of patients increases. So don't be worried that SciRx will charge you more than you can afford. Furthermore, you can use SciRx for free if you qualify through our scholarship program.
No. There is currently no offline version available. The internet is now readily accessible all around the world and it will increase in the future. If you use the online version, all new features, updates, and security fixes will be available to you immediately. You can access patient information from any laptop or mobile device by logging into your account. Because the database is online, there is no risk of losing data in the event of a computer crash. With these advantages in mind, we developed SciRx online.
Yes, of course. You can begin your trial immediately after creating a SciRx account. Upon signing up, you will receive a credit to your account. You can pay later and get more credit if you want to. There are no restrictions on trial use till then.
The most critical aspect of SciRx that we have addressed is information security. SciRx was developed in accordance with the most recent safety regulations and guidelines to protect the security of both doctor and patient information. SciRx's entire system has been designed with ethics in mind, ensuring that the personal information of many doctors and patients will be securely maintained.
The comprehensive SciRx database has been designed in a way that makes it simple to conduct crucial research analyses. When storing data, we ensure that it conforms to the appropriate data type and format. As a result, the doctor can conduct the necessary statistical analysis later if necessary. You may also use SciRx to develop questionnaires for a variety of studies and have the results automatically analyzed.

What SciRx Users Say

Hundreds of SciRx users using SciRx on a regular basis to create prescriptions. Here are some of their comments on SciRx.

"I needed a software that would allow me to simply create beautiful prescriptions while also assisting me with my researches. I got it all in SciRx."

Prof. Mrinmoy Biswas

Prof. Dr. Mrinmoy Biswas

Professor & Head of the Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College & Hospital

One of the special features of SciRx that I like is the option of investigation printing. This is definitely a unique feature.

Dr. Shubhra Prakash Paul

Dr. Shubhra Prakash Paul

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)

One of the finest feature of SciRx I like most is the flexibility to prescribe medication from any device, update the prescriptions at any time, and share with my patients.

Dr. Md. Mohiuddin

Dr. Md. Mohiuddin

Medical Officer (IOM-UN Migration)

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Our Team

Introducing "Team SciRx"

Currently, from developers to product management, all members of SciRx team are doctors. Let's introduce with the team.

Rajib Biswas
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Dr. Rajib Biswas
Co-founder, Lead Developer
Nibedita Barai
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Dr. Nibedita Barai
Co-founder, Product Manager
Niloy Shuvo
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Dr. Niloy Shuvo
Assistant Developer, Marketing Manager
Taukir Tanjim
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Dr. Taukir Tanjim
Assistant Marketing Manager

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